a dream can be thousands of times your emotions

Chapter VI Lu-yu love the memory of the son of a bitch

Chapter VI

Lu-yu love the memory of the son of a bitch

Late millet to walk down the bustling street, saw a 3322’s small body of couples stick to passing sticky hands, risking little sad bubble again flooded. She suddenly remembered Li Jin, the giant son of a bitch. His grandson, fried in a dream I do not know how many times this may be the grandson always his vitality countless times in his mind back from the dead.

Sometimes late millet desperately want, is not his style of cooking is not it? Grandchildren should be complete this stew, and then even the bones are not left with a drop of soup to eat? Perhaps there would be no way to die as their unpromising to always remember this son of a bitch up!

Late millet walking Sato, knew it came in front of a bridal salon. Giant wedding Zeng Ming Wa bright display in the window, reflecting the late millet, some fat and lonely figure. Once upon a time, that the poor penniless student Lee Jin also holding the hand of late millet, so look forward to a huge wedding in the wonderful new people daze. Stay to the deep, poor students, said Lee Jin always vowed: “millet on, we definitely later than this window people happy.” At that time, Li Jin, although only the last pockets of sub-child, but in his heart filled with late millet.

“Millet.” Trance, the late Lee millet seems to hear again calling into their voice. Late millet a back, is really a Li Jin. Li Jin is well dressed and die like a dog standing behind their own.

Lee looked into a late millet noodles in dressing up the oil first, then glancing door stood bridal salon girl costumes, jumping Fei, late millet could understand the 12: “yo! This is to take wedding photos do not you?”

Li Jin and before talking, jumped to his female twist on triumphantly to the front of late millet: “yo! Know who I am when it is! Turned over to our big ah! How the, see old lover tie the knot, should not play play You then daily in the accumulation of the literature of a stomach to two nice words to us, and congratulations congratulations ah? “

Small Mitt would like dip late round his arm, according jumped to his death shameless women face fierce slap on a big slap in the face, Chou De Ya face without make-up flowers! Can then I thought, Ah do not want to message? Why do not own a small sharp knife literature, bar-Ya a hemiplegia of life can not be yourself? Also appears to Zan unique literary elegance of young women.

“That was, of course!” Late millet smile, thinking, grandson wait and see right! Late millet looked at a pair of Gou Nannv eyes, suddenly Evans Quan-Yong, “See you a couple of people, does not want to two of them. It would wish two working hand in glove life together, Snakes and Rats nest together forever now!” finished, throw to a special late millet charming smile, a pair of “a couple of people” behind them, away.

One Response to “a couple of people” looking at the figures of late millet away, wondering Literature Fan sounds of children with special message, where not always feel the taste, wondering for a long time to collect myself. Oh, are not eating culture loss.

Late millet at the foot of the steps getting faster and faster, met a corner, late millet barbed slip about the direction of change. Back to look, that of “a couple of people” finally did the trail. Late millet at the foot of a soft, inability to squat around the corner, tears rolling down unpromising land.

Reality is like this sometimes cruel, a dream can be thousands of times your emotions fried defector, in reality, able to not charge you a single soldier will have to pack anything, mercilessly. Plainly, or because you have never really forgotten from the heart of this people.

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