began to clear the pool clean for their cowardly

Chi Ching had to stop and take a hand in the forehead on one arbor, slightly offset toward the sun looked a long time, finally confirmed the general direction is correct, then continue to stride forward.

How familiar this scenario, she dreamed more than once so lush itself in a way, however, she was always a man walk alone, no one accompanied.

Of course, there is alarming to kill those who dream, the reality in nature is not, she is only a few years ago That the catastrophe was to scared.

But heard footsteps behind him abruptly, Tap, the heavy and rhythmic, light and leisurely upset her. She was shocked to turn around, behind empty, continue to walk, but the voice sounded again.

Is something fishy?

This deserted place, really might.

Clear tension between the pool suddenly, she accelerated the pace, just behind the ghostly voice has always been closely associated in general, always wandering away from her five yards away, and each time she looked back, they are nothing but empty.

Palpitations and fears of all dream the same as the Smoke lives enveloped her, captured her easily, as if to set her to death, her first to speed up the pace, and then began to run frantically, hoping to escape!

Her guess is accurate, the end path, that she came by me the main road, in retrospect, she should be through the forest, made a big circle around again before coming out.

Her hearing and all the attention is firmly locked in behind her efforts to adjust the rhythm of the legs, ears with the whirring of the wind, in the frantic and noisy atmosphere, she can almost imagine people following her How pressing harder and harder, more recently, from her place, he pulls out a knife … …

“Ka -” sound harsh sharp ring erect feeling glad came from among the pool looked clean panic U-turn, eyes white flash, a police car parked in her call to the face!

“Ah!” She always stunned and back again and again, not yet clear position, we see the single-bin from the car down, with a look of surprise.

“How did you come here?”

Chi Ching-stricken expression for single-Bin, suddenly serious again, a few steps across the past, grabbed her arm, “how the?”

“Yes, I am pursued!” Chi Ching lisping to refer back to. The path is empty lush.

Single Bin help laughing, and took her in, “hit a ghost now? There is the graveyard of the past again! Or feng shui is said to treasure it!”

He clearly was into the car pool, still in shock, the ED also looked out the window of a car, it really is their jitters? However, ghosts are so heavy footsteps it?

Car hit a number of turns, and finally into the bustling city streets, began to clear the pool clean for their cowardly gaffe had just been ashamed.

“How do you go there?” She asked, Samsam single bin.

Single Bin look askance at her, “I went to a little thing near the police station, just passing through there, what a coincidence, actually save you a life!”

Listening to the banter of jokes he is so, clear pool face suddenly red.

Is 15:00, one bin to the unit hung up the phone, you can start off work.

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