Dingyuan Hou Zhong Xiaotian DPRK official

Yong Zhong child looked at him and asked: “What a woman to play it? Played so heavy, for fear that men have such strength.”

Fengwu smiles: “Yes ah, I’m afraid Which Bi Tong said her husband jealous, not beat his wife, they took my son home outlet.” Fengwu and Bi Tong Shen from the urine serving Pan Yu, Xiao Si, known His temper, was so joking.

“Speak out of turn!” Pan Shen Yu put on a scowl, took a handkerchief gently fan the fengwu about, “this veil Naqu throw.”

Son Yong Zhong, see that handkerchief selected materials, etc., work fine, not a bargain, and asked: “so lost? You dug Jinshan it?”

Fengwu then smiles: “General I do not know, all the way threw three of the.’s Son said it was sent anyway, so we do not feel bad.”

That is to say, sub-Yong Chung will be understood that these are those who admire the flower Young Lady who sent son, he could not help staring at the Pan Yu 1 Shen: “You’re a blunt ah.”

“Oh, Son Yong you that this is envy me.” Pan Shen Yu-leaning hip to sit down, “in fact can not blame me, I have in front of posted notices, can they still bored. You just do not see, purse, Hong capsule flying, under the handkerchief are enough people pick up clothes. “

“Well, who told you to try to turn Royal Empress give your cart placed in front of the fear of other people do not know your son is coming flower. If you change vehicles in blue cloth mule train, quietly out the back door, will be playing?”

Pan Yu Shen a snort of disdain: “snow with plum, jade with Goldsmith, I am handsome son was a good course with Chinese car Lai service.”

“Well, another day without food when you are without clothes, I’d like to see how you playing grace.” Sub-Yong Chung went over in his chair leg kick, “good son to me you do not see me father and mother? “

“It looked like how I see people ah?” Pan Shen Yu pointed to his forehead. Accustomed to military life in the sub-Yong Chung in front of his writers do not always popular in school.

“Just say you see two old impatient, careless hit the goal post on the.”

“Haha, the emperor said, but some of my clever slick, not as you steady and reliable, I did not realize that you are the most cunning of.”

Pan Yu Shen saw uncle and aunt, with a clock sub-Yong just as an excuse for angry words to describe how he met the head, also has some exaggeration, as if he were to see two old climbed ordered by the general under a sea of fire.

Dingyuan Hou Zhong Xiaotian DPRK official for many years, naturally do not believe the nephew of the nonsense that only his wife, Sun was a fool to live, while Jiao Ren quickly get tyranny bone-setting plaster, while sub-Yong Chung blame not at all concerned about his cousin . This allows clock sub-Yong grouchy.

“Hey, Son Yong, shooting itself in the foot, bad enough that taste it.” They came out from the inner chamber, Pan Shen Yu seize the opportunity to laugh at him.

“Well, do not feel proud, be careful to reward immediately.” The shadow that he sneered at him.

“Haha, what retribution … … ah!” Shen Yu Pan if not finished, after the shoulder was heavily on the took a look.

“Pan Shen Yu, you are being hit today!”

He reluctantly turned to: “yes ah, Ming Yuen cousin. I was struck this is not it?”

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