Does this dress wow gold is that you

This is a high fashion cocktail party in Paris.

Xuan followed behind in Vietnam, leaves infant looked at every intention to come with him greeting guests, many of which are world-famous big-name designers. Some designers in the fashion magazine she had seen on page interview, to recognize them, some of the more Xuan she needs to listen carefully to the dialogue with them, who can guess about.

Like wearing a black and white printing at the moment the lady silk dress skirt.

Her voluptuous, a brown curly hair, green eyes, his eyes are crow’s feet, she whispered with more Xuan, from time to time laughing, bright and attractive smile, exude a romantic nostalgic temperament.

Vicat queen turned out to be.

Vicat Queen is an international cheap wow gold fashion legend, when her hand in the twenty-year-old founded the Vicat Kingdom, forty years, Vicat Kingdom has been firmly occupy the first line of the world’s top luxury brand status.

“Thanks, the first time I saw you with companions attended the reception, this is your … …”

The Queen will hear the conversation turns to Vicat himself and leaves a smile on Vicat infant Queen nodded. Yue Xuan Ceshou, her eyes looked faint, pleasant voice with a quiet Vicat Queen said:

“She is … …”

“Thanks -!”

She saw a middle-aged man, just straight to the side entrance on the way, the more strongly to bear hug Xuan. That man should be American, tall and big buy wow gold fat large, ruddy, apparently often on the beach sunbathing. As he happily patted on the shoulder more Xuan greetings, while she looked up and down curiously, and then laughed, said:

“God, ah, hard to believe, even Hsieh has also been lovers.”

Xuan to her to see more.

Xuan did not see her more, but quietly out of her right elbow bent. Her heart Yi Zheng, subconsciously took his arm.

She took his arm in that moment.

She could feel a lot of the ballroom, her eyes fell on the dog channel hands, eyes of the means are different. Vicat the hands of the Hong fan dancing queen, Minchun chuckle, the United States to stay zheng zhu men first, and then another burst of laughter, said:

“Thanks, do you intend to run wow gold away without fighting it?”

Fled without a fight … …

Wondering what this means, leaves infant mind to quickly retrieve the clippings in the Chiang Kai-shek had gathered all the information, vision is sometimes a sharp shooting came to her eyes.

“This young lady, this dress from your body, get from where?”

A silver-haired man walked in front of her, he should be German, Nianyuhuajia, meticulously combed silver hair to the back of the head, gray eyes, and looked serious cold, looked at her coldly.

Yizhou her eyebrows.

Smiled and said: “What is wrong with you?”

“James, you are confused, this is your personally designed, Janin latest season of evening dress ah! To see how beautiful this young lady to wear the next time you should persuade herself as the model.” American men said, laughing.

“Does this dress wow gold is that you get from Janin it?” German man James talked down to watch intently, she did not look Yu.

“Yes.” Yeh baby replied.

“So, you are uncomfortable with it, just change it like this?” Cold eyes fall on her Qunjiao, where the original is smooth and soft under the portable line, now being modified into a slightly sharp buds feel tough shape.

She looked more Xuan.

His face was pale, and did not see any emotion.

“I think it better this way.” She smiled and replied.

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