eating fish bones of people that he perverted

Little idiot tea while filling out forms and hand feel pleased but not : I love the work of the brain that do not move !

He filled out after looking around to see if we all head down doing something. We all quietly doing their jobs , all people are very harmonious , very happy little idiot tea , a bit like the environment he was !

The task in hand for 20 minutes all done, tea will visit MSN, MSN friends to tell each : “I am in the company online ! ! “

Friends Re: “Do you still have time to chat to work ? ? “

Tea to see friends made to the phrase very sense of superiority .

So the morning of the day for a chat , chat side to side , so one day , diving to get the 100 or so , really good job !

At noon we went to the fifth floor of the cafeteria to eat .

Companies like the secret agencies, doors everywhere , everywhere switch, into an elevator , Shui several bends , but also opens a door to the canteen .

Tea learn a few colleagues with the group holding plate Da Fan , canteen staff for a fish tea , a cauliflower , and some hull . The three dishes which he likes to eat hull, barely eat broccoli , fish, certain fish do not eat … … skin , fish spines , fish tail , fish odor. Since childhood, he only ate fish eyes, and eat a lot of pieces , each family dinner, the dinner table to his relatives and always try to clip the fish .

Little idiot in the mouth on the refusal of tea embarrassed when relatives, he sandwiched the fish is about to fall into the bowl , he will move back and bowl , fish ” Pata “sound , block out in the table .

Tea father to see him like this , just felt funny , he told all the relatives of tea only like to eat fish eyes . Little idiot look at the bowl of tea, two fish eyes, milky white , on the mouth , hard in the teeth a bit , circular variable concave , then the teeth to chew the eyes of white powder was spread out to , no Specific flavor , not spicy, not salty no fishy .

Delicious !

Little idiot tea with friends , said he only eat fish eyes. Those fish meat , smoking fish head, fish skin chewing , eating fish bones of people that he perverted !

In fact, fish have no eyes at least, can survive without meat , head, skin, bones of fish will surely die .

Is not left food , too much food left over will be deducted . Take tea with colleagues for the hull of fish , because just do not like Yuba Hyun Hyun . Tea asked them : ” are you eating fish every day ? “

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