Has been such a long time to tossing

“His Royal Highness then adults, what is your so-called important thing is that?”

“I watched you for so long, that this matter, you must be very interested.”

“Uh, it is the matter?”

“I said to Li Fu Huang Agurto country to do, ready to attack the Titans with the Titans, I would like such a wonderful scene, you will not let you?”

“Really ah?” Zhuo heart children heard that, immediately jumped up, eyes bubbling to say “wow Kaka, I can watch the battle of two super-powerful god, and Hey Hey … … Huh? Rice ah, how do you not excited ah? “

His face looked like rice Zhuo heart failure children, said: “Do you want to run in front to watch?”

Zhuo heart children look forward to his face and said: “er er er, I really think so ah, do not you do not want to see?”

Rice worried look said: “However, we can not just go out here, and here is the submarine yeah, the sea could be all around the palace surrounded by sea water, and we do not immediately go out of the ah Shen dead submarine?”

“Do you think we are still alive?”

Rice was stunned to scream: “Do we have a slightly fart?”

Zhuo heart child muttered and murmured: “uh, this, like it, but not necessarily, ah … … may be it … we are still alive …”

However, with the hint of Terry He said: “Rest assured, you are still alive.”

Rice quickly said: “That we can out?”

Triton beat Paixiong Fu said: “His Highness has this, you do not have to worry about, everything that I am.”

Zhuo immense heart of worship with children quickly looked at him and said: “OK, OK, then we rely on you, Eh-hem, cough, have your work, we are assured.”

Terry said with a smile: “you quickly prepare ready, tomorrow is the date of their war.”

Zhuo heart children quickly nodded and said: “OK, OK, we will be ready, uh … … we have to prepare? First experience with this, I really do not know.”

Triton smiled and said: “Actually no, as long as you have good rest on it.”

Zhuo heart children nodded quickly said: “This simple, I just trapped when the eyes closed, can be sound asleep, and melatonin also useful than the drink.”

Rice smile apologetically said: “So now, you can not be His Royal Highness Prince Edward back? We have to get an early night, tomorrow to watch the battle.”

Terry with a smile, graciously left the Pro out of the door, do not forget the photo of the photo in the mirror, Lile Li hair, had just whistled out.


Zhuo heart children scream, excited, jumping up and down the room to go, as Nazhi happy little mouse. Rice said: “I said big sister, you stole the drug’s ah?”

“I’m excited, ah, ah do not you excited?”

“I’m not excited miles, but for you to go, I just do not go miles.”

“How you? It seems is not your style ah, I met so many fun things, you should run ahead Caidui ah.”

Rice resigned and said: “You think, Who are they? Them but God, Jesus, that if the war breaks out, not earth shattering, the Sea Palace is estimated to be trembling, we also want to watch the battle, yet close to the estimated has been shot dead. “

Zhuo heart children nonchalantly said: “What are they afraid that there are not the same Terry Why? Have him, I feel comfortable, and all he can to the ah.”

Rice is still a little worried and said: “I still feel a little uneasy.”

Cho pulled his sleeve heart children, said: “Do not worry, my good brother, when you’re eyes are open wide to fight it.”

She said, while changing the baby out of her magic wand in front of a shake rice, said: “Besides, I have this magic wand, hehe … …”

The little girl looked elated, rice can only be followed laughing, praying that the hearts of tomorrow through smoothly, to keep his little life.

Te Nisa yawned over, said: “Lady, you are not a bed of?”

“Go to bed?” Zhuo heart big eyes staring children said, “is now a night? I do not how little sleep?”

Te Nisa was innocent and said: “Lady, now late, the bed was.”

After washing, Zhuo heart child lying in bed over and over again, how could not sleep, think of tomorrow’s duel, and she is on the whole body strength, all the cells are full of vitality.

Has been such a long time to tossing, Te Nisa yawned and said: “Lady, you do not sleep, can not stand the servants, slaves had to play a little nap.”

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