her earnestly related issues are uninterested

The sun sets, there are all dressed in European club football jersey of the boys kicked the ball, I lit cigarette in the sidelines watching with interest, the ball suddenly jumped at me to, a boy shouted, as I have done: “star, to one foot.” I should say the arc angle of the foot ball, they unexpectedly fly off the shoes, we all were happy to applaud, I side with one foot while dancing music back to the past to wear shoes.

I called another friend Liu Bin, he is my hair a small, lower than my first year. Woliang quite compatibility, from the year-old began to grow up in a courtyard, a year older, I almost Shoubashoujiao him because of who you child, play, and other entertainment. He almost went to my college entrance college, and later to Beijing to study, and then wait for me to go to Beijing, he went back to the South, like I was chasing him.

We have long not seen, and also look forward to seeing them. He said he came to see me work, I said that I should first see a girl, let him wait for instructions, he returned message that you are still so Chongseqingyou.

Zhang Yuan Yuan and I were childhood sweethearts, we Kindergarten students, primary students, secondary school students. Her childhood special smart cute, clever obedient, won the students and teachers like it, almost a heartthrob, also did not grow up “hours, and big is not always better,” but the more beautiful charming. She is also passionate, studious, listen to your teacher, and actively participate in “a gang of one” campaign to help less advanced students. In addition, she regularly to destroy a number of love letters a month, did anyone dare not chase her, but her second year I know she told me there is something there, that was my first home with his girlfriend, invited Some friends to eat, Zhang Yuan Yuan unsolicited, and was particularly stunning dress: long hair hanging in his waist, small boots, small wool coats, and an oblique band berets, we thought the KMT women agents went to the wrong door.

After graduation, she was in the city of a Taiwan-funded companies to find a job, but she does not read books much, I do not suffer from mental resonance, then encouraged her to read more books, reading books, reading Dostoevsky Ye Zafirovski, read Hemingway, read Marquez, sent free to give her point of spiritual food, “enough for you to eat it.”

“I saw enough in 2036.” She told me online.

“Endless when legacy to future generations.” I enthusiastically said, “This man, there is progress, there is hope.”

I often ramble like a missionary, “read as if thinking of walking, you only read these books to come after me,” I said pointing to the books, “so that we can stand shoulder to shoulder height, enjoy beauty. “

Gesanchawu, I will tell her that I learned from the study, “Reading is like chewing the soul, you see how much I chew over the soul of the United States, Hemingway, South America, Marquez, Russia’s string of Wieniawski, bites, and I fast food into a fat man was. “

By geese contact this ancient, and we both seem to have a whole class is kept in the dark secret, the secret so we have a sense of intimacy than regular friends, but it seems that we can chat every day is that a few “do not eat,” “a drag”, my follow through induction and Mission Tuition FAQ does not seem to play much. Every time I try to be profound to discuss the views of the current international situation, pros and cons of Obama’s rise to power in China after the Beijing Olympic Games where to go, she will be silent instead of answering, and even the Pearl River Delta, the direction of future development of this and her earnestly related issues are uninterested in her.

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