hope I can help you share the pain

He bowed his head slightly, long lashes, set off his white cheeks.

“But I will carry on.” He said slowly, “no matter what happens, I will not give up.”

He heard these words, my heart with him slightly and sighed the words:

Yes, is to carry on.

Life, no matter what kind of difficulties, we must stick to it.

Even as I, and now only the lonely one, should continue.

“Yeah, right.” I reached a pat on his shoulder, “Life is to have perseverance to carry on. Nothing can not be overcome, when you think you come to the end of time, may wish to look back , will find difficult to carry those past really have this one than before too much more. Therefore, we must persevere. “

“Ah!” Xi nodded seriously, labial angle has floated his pure smile.

I saw his face like my heart do not know why, some pounding away at it.

How strange, he obviously just a child ah! I want to love a brother ah! Tossing it in the chest in what disorder?

“Sister, you do not eat dinner, right? We ate lunch, OK?” His smile deepened, some childlike manner offered.

I can not oppose it when they find that they have really followed the stomach growling again.

He gently opened the lunch box –

“Wow, nice!” Childish cry immediately rang.

He really was just a lovely child.

In fact, I just helped him get a few balls, but also cut some vegetables, put a few pieces of fruit only. Than those on TV are really lovely lunch, much worse. But Hay was very happy to pick up the spoon, containing a spoonful of vegetables later handed it to me.

“Sister, come!” Sincere smile, their eyes flashing with stars.

“No, eat your own!” I quickly waved, “This is what I do for you.”

“But I want to eat with my sisters, come!” He stubbornly holding a spoon, a very serious expression.

“That … … I … …”

I have some confusion, looking at his expression, I do not know the accepted or rejected.

Have never eaten so things like boys, even if they are fan asked before, are still naughty to bite his fingers.

However, Xi’s eyes look, look at his sincere expression, I even opened his mouth, put the spoon to eat hard food down.

His smile suddenly deepened in the autumn night some of Wei Leng, he ice green eye, suddenly gave me the same warm starlight.

I do not know how, and actually listen to the child, then accompanied him to eat a meal so strange.

They made themselves lunch boxes, and others never had such a share. Even if, and sails, I looked at him has been happy and sweet to eat. But it is undeniable that, with this child, accompanied by, my feelings, even inexplicable to good again.

“I must go, sister.” Xi throws his lunch box and handed me, with me standing in an apartment downstairs.

I nodded to him: “ah, go your way. Was already very late, do not let your friends are worried. Also, since not been allowed to, do not run another out, you know?”

“I know.” He is really well behaved, obedient in front of me nodded.

Although he cut a big higher than I, but standing in front of me, but like a cute little cat, which has a night most of bright eyes, also has the warmest night people smile.

I am against him, slightly to the blooming of a smile.

He seemed sorry to see him there, slightly to half turned away, but do not hesitate to stride forward.

“Yuwen Xi!” I suddenly asked him.

“What? Sister?” He quickly turned around, his face expression with some excitement.

I stepped up two steps, just good and he can be nearly as high.

Then I put my fingers on his shoulder, “I know you had a lot of hardship, has also experienced a lot of things, I know you are very strong, but remember, do not torture yourself too much to own a little better, do not drink a cold water, do not force yourself to do things that do not. If there is nothing wrong places, they call me, I will see you. well, thank you for this evening with me. “

He heard my words, his face a bit stiff at first slightly, and then they immediately laughed slightly, hoist the labial angle side, as it lightly with a smile.

“Sister do not polite to me, and I am pleased to see my sister. I will remember the words of my sister, but I really come to you, do not push me out yo!” His smile deepened in the eyes, ” hope I can help you share the pain. “

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