I cling to his shoulders and his own shrunk

Looked at his eyes shining star, my heart to even slightly hurt a bit.

Share … …

Some people have said so, I hope my life can be for me to share. But in the end, he threw one of my biggest pain … …

“Thank you.” I took a deep breath, “Go home.”

“Sister go first.” He looked at me, smiling face and firm.

“You go ah, I above.” I nudged him.

“Sister go first, I want to see my sister went to.” His beautiful eyes, smile deepened.

I looked at him, no way to look directly at the pair of bright again as the eye like a crystal, and finally fail to beat him, nodded and slowly turned around.

Think felt really naive, actually want to rely on a small boys consolation. But today is really having a good time, and which meal to eat with him, will find happiness.

“En-Yu sister!” He suddenly called my name behind.

I turned to see him: “ah?”

He came from behind me and gently pulled my hand: “sister, never to do a man cry. Sad time, call me, I will come to your side.”

I did not think he would suddenly say that. Lowered his head and stared at him holding my hand.

Actually not as cold as in hospital, a soft, slippery, warm feeling, from his fingertips, slowly pass over to me, even my blood vessels along quietly flows each body direction.

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

Knocking at my heart like a drum as the chest, I was even scared to want to hand hold it.

“I know.” I says pursing his lips, desperately wants to withdraw his fingers, “So be it, go back earlier, good night.”

I am forced to withdraw his fingers, his fingertips Nama any temperature, from between my fingers glide quickly.

I did not dare look in his eyes, seemed to back that moment, I no longer see that pale color in the hospital inside the child, his eyes very far apart, beautiful eyes, like a flash in the sky of the stars, too bright, I can not look straight … … but subconsciously, I feel that a child is no longer looking at her sister’s eyes, more like a man, looked straight into the expression of love.

There is no going back.

I hurriedly ran up the pace of apartment stairs, and then went home at one go in front, pointed out the key Douzhao Shou.

Soon as switched on by clicking the door, I reached the wall by light button.

Bright lights instantly light up my studio!

Office opposite the entry wall, a huge photo show in the as bright as day under the lights.

That was my and Jane Fan, in our last birthday shots. Photographs of him, and smile so bright, as if he were sitting beside me, always with a smile as bright to me.

Look at the eyes, I suddenly felt my legs a good soft, no effort to rely on the door and slipped down.

Sails, where you … … you’re still looking at me … …

I cling to his shoulders and his own shrunk to a small group.

Way Station in the chest where the heart was beating, face the pain has gradually slowed. But this time, no tears fall down again, but is just to leave the child took my temperature has been hovering in my fingers … …

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