I used to be wall is transparent across

EVA and Yan Hung replied: ” 135 fish . 246 to eat chicken . “

Tea meet to think : ” No matter how good those days than at home ! “

Afternoon tea, then open MSN chat , chief designer of the opening songs sound , or the Indian love songs , the chief architect of a tea read : a long suspected that you were not Chinese.

34 o’clock , and everyone into the craft room , craft room stood a lot of clothes , stood there a last year’s “classic best-selling models , “is the best selling last year , selling more than 400 million domestic and foreign .

Tea in our hands to touch to feel , not see where this dress special.

Chief designer , said: ” You see, it ‘s the sleeves long, low chest , waist width . “

“Yes, ” chimed in designer EVA , “Most middle-aged women are obese , their arms and thick , large waist , big ass , can reveal only the chest . “

Smiled and nodded and agreed with the chief architect of EVA argument. Little idiot tea nodded , he thought: reason is simple, but the most simple and most practical. He decided to design a series of ” barrels ” mounted .

Chief architect from craft room , craft room only EVA, Yan Hong , Hyun Hyun and tea in this group of people .

Craft room lights , various colors of cloth lazily piled up , clothes organized and hung , ” Ugly Betty ” on the clothing storage room much better than this , tea picked up a camera ready to shoot up at night posted to the blog .

” Kacha ─ ─ ” camera shutter sound.

” God ? you taking pictures ? ” Yan -Hong asked .

“Yes ah , how the ? “

” hurry it up ! ! ” Hyun Hyun , winking to the tea .

Little idiot tea quickly close up the camera .

” Before the company secretly photographed individuals of all models listed in spring 2008 , then resigned and took photos with 50 sold for several million other apparel companies competing with us , they follow our design styles out New spring of 2008 , also earlier than listed . bosses know that the hospital after the anger , then she saw other people out as long as phones, cameras, put it wins in the past the floor. Who told her not to install a pin here Hole camera does . “EVA tell the Road on the tea slowly .

“Have you ever worked at the company pinhole camera ? ” Tea asked .

“Nothing. But the company I used to be wall is transparent across the next boss of the office. “

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