I was going to save the moment of happiness

Oh the white gas all the way to get to the company downstairs, afar off, see figure wrapped in a big long coat stood in the snow, holding the hands of what the head of the body covered with snow, was frozen was too whistle, keep pace.

Canaanite my heart. Really eccentric, cold day, so much snow, where he waiting for? Out of curiosity I have looked at him and gradually approached, and look at his hand holding is a Blue Floral printed carton, packing ribbon above the thick layer of snow.

I do not know what it contained a gift? Away from his closer, then the box itself tremble a bit, almost down to the ground. I screamed out, hold the box in the portrait of what stimulated by a sudden impulse came to me. He stopped in front of me, shot to the head of the snow. Yeah! I pulled a scarf covering the face, how could that be? I must be wrong! And he has spoken: “almost do not recognize you.”

Snow fell among us, into a layer of gray veil separating the gas and his white breath but could not conceal his happy tired eyes. His hair a little long, thin cheeks flushed with cold a bit, did not shave the black chin Hu Chinese quince spread, temperament seems decadent. He dressed very small, only a thin windbreaker khaki large, no muffler and no gloves.

“How are you? I am not dreaming?” He made me nose is cold and acid.

“I came to bring it to you.”

Standing in front of me I can not believe that Xu Jian, blood and meat, temperature, Xu Jian, when he vacated his left Paidiao my hat on the snow, the warmth that convinced me I was not dreaming.

I looked at him, choking can not say a word. He laughed as if the spring, I thought I would never see him smile, never thought how can he now sent to me again that smile. I can not take account of any person, unable to remain inner impulse, into the arms of his left, to stretch on tiptoe tightly around his neck, and never want to let go. He was back slightly curved with my height, hand grip my heart like thump thump Holding a hand tamper with the box, Hu Chinese quince stab to my ears. He said: “lifeless, lifeless, and I hold on to the box.”

“I do not care.” I did not control.

Para soon as the box is really falling snow. He looked down to see me a little loose, ribbon has been disconnected, as much a puppy Qieqie under cover out of his head.

I let go of the hands resting on his shoulders jumped up, he gave me was a puppy, he is always amazing, always know what I want, know the future.

Busy bending over to hold his dog into his arms, white and little hairy once enjoyed in a group shrunk by close to me, it was lovely.

“Yesterday passing through pet shops, to see it hanging down his head to look, I do not know why the thought of you, probably double it and you have the same round eyes, so I decided this morning to take him over, never thought it began to snow, really good the weather. “He was like all white, including what it’s snow nipped.

“What do you break metaphor.” I grabbed his hand and little, “From today I am your master, should have a name, called Xu sword.”

“It is a baby girl too!” He protested.

“Protest is invalid, I, and I’m the final say.”

We ironed out and stood in the snow hearty laugh. Seemed to return to college, though it is not disruptive misty snow paradise.

Jian Xu and leave only half a day, he had to walk the grounds.

After only a short endless joy empty. Watched his receding figure in the disappearance of snow in the sky, my heart has gradually cool down. That string of footprints leading to the snow with his direction, by the new snow covered up, become blurred and not real, how I was so afraid of the footprints disappear, how to follow the footprints had been walking along this series go to catch up to him pace. But after that? With him back? How do I get back from the office? “Tan Ying,” the word pressure is extremely heavy stone in my heart, not to mention even mention the face of all. Just a moment I almost blurted out asked Jian Xu and Ying Tan is well, Who told him that I now address? But I’m afraid about their fear of these very unpleasant. I would rather forget them.

I was going to save the moment of happiness.

Xiao Peng arrived in the afternoon. He calls me when the president is accountable to the import trade for a new proposal.

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