Impression that this place should be very serious

“Oh! Night and then had to go on duty.”

Pond clear to see him, “Tung was thinking tonight … …”

“If you do not trouble, you see … …” One Bin face intertwined with laughter and embarrassed.

“No trouble.” Pool clean gently smiled.

Single-Bin Oh straight music, after a long while, he simply said, “You are the best … I know … most … …” sometimes he just can not find the right words to describe the pool clean, and finally shrugged his shoulders, “the most kind-hearted people. “

Chi Ching see him scratching the way, unknowingly Min Zhuozui laugh.

“Listen Si Tong said,” She slowly opening, reveals a cautious tone in, “Have you ever … … is Interpol?”

Single Bin quickly and calmly answered: “Yes ah!”

“Why do they … …” Chi Ching Cezhao Lian, eyes firmly fixed on him.

Single Bin comfortable expression suddenly turned heavy, “my wife left, I have been a bad mood, handling a cross point on average, the bureau take into account the reality of my situation, give redeployed to set up … … I do not want One day, even the father thought Tong lost. “

Chi Ching hear sad, and sometimes actually speechless, at the same time, heart of a condensation forming the suspicion and doubt has spread slowly.

Si Qing Tong home in the pool four or five days off living, single-bin also take this from beginning to rub her there for several Dayton dinner.

Last day of the single-Bin Tong thinking back to pick fruit fruit held her little hand in the small courtyard Nanfennanshe, Chi Ching looked at the side, but also quite moving, the original fruit is not her imagination so lonely, he really need a friend.

Next day evening, the pool clean at home and pack up, pack up a few pieces of something thinking Tong fall at home, she had stuffed into a small collated vest bag, asked her fruit fruit to school with in the past.

Guo did not expect to come back the next day to tell her, thinking Tong did not go to class, she was ill.

Tong is even thinking of this disease for a week, pool clean was very uneasy, and asked no one fruit is also asked why they come. Chi Ching worried she will not be infected in their own home, what does not, such a thought, I felt a trace of guilt, decided to find time to look at. Bin did not give a single pool to stay clean any contact, except when previously mentioned in the chat His units. Was truly clear pool compared to the effect that she used to take the initiative to come to their own single-bin, almost never thought of themselves when there is a need to contact him.

Chi Ching hesitated for a long time, finally decided to go to a single bin unit to find him. It is almost risk to her move – before, she had never any person other than fruit is so enthusiastic too – mainly because of her father and daughter in a single bin a long time saw a longing for the warmth and goodwill .

To see the thinking Tong, Chi Ching also requested a two-hour leave, Han Yinqiu mouth said nothing in his eyes, it actually filled with curiosity and suspicion. Chi Ching can only bite the bullet and when not seen. She went to the nearby farmers market to buy some fresh fruit, and then hurried to the local Public Security Bureau, where the single-bin sub.

In addition to the seat of the police station had temporary procedure, she almost came to this kind of not very place where she was on a kind of instinctive fear psychology.

Impression that this place should be very serious in the field, did not expect to go into is particularly lively.

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