In the course of conversation between them

This last thought though not without sorrow, or let her heart calm down. In her return to their world, she can no longer see Suren or pouch ferret, but they will always exist in the mind. This may be sufficient to contain the soul of emptiness.

Although I have not completely understood, but I have changed direction in that regard. Gleen contemplate Road.

Last night she seemed to see the edge of the ship Suren V rails, the female death Quoll Quoll and other cubs into the sea. Melancholy in his eyes, looked straight into the distant water, coat flapping in the wind in the ups and downs. They should have sent them up to bury the land, but Baya has been drowned in the sea. Both she and the connection between female Quoll how unusual, it is also a logical follow Baya things into the oceans, small things with her mother to go is exactly this reason.

Memories for Gleen sad, but at the same time, some of her students – her Quoll mind connection – so she understood the sadness is a normal reaction, especially in the face especially in the initial stages of grief. In the end, even violent death, should be considered a natural part of life. The death of the female Quoll is a relief for its own, as between it and the Baya horrible and unnatural connection that can be interrupted. Imagine if one day human beings wake up from a surgery and found that their lower body have been turned into apes, the feel? Similarly, people can feel the emotional female Quoll.

Quoll mating only one life, all life dear baby to be born at that moment must complete mating fertilization, fetal development, but can be controlled by the female ferret kits, if the conditions were right, pregnancy will continue until the ripened fruit. Situation is like the female kangaroos give fertilized eggs at a standstill until around with enough food to nourish their young. Baya alive not work out why the female Quoll it in a clear distortion of the human connection can not fulfill the most important link in the case of births, still choose to birth at this time, it is the last whelp, now Glynne new Quoll senses tell This is because she was female Quoll before death, there is a contingency instinct to complete their fertility. For some reason female Quoll and Baya determine it to be dead.

Glynne’s thoughts returned to the connection of that incredible moment. In all connections completed, the female Quoll allowed to follow the pillars of his soul Baya away, leaving Glynne, Suren, there are blood and dead bodies. Amazed that they kept quiet motor coordination to wipe the bloodstained, to survive pouch Ferret wrapped into a blanket. Suren informed the death of the Baya Colin, and then come back and Gleen Quoll with the dead were sent to the deck, the two together in silence for the dead off.

That night the remaining time, They stand shoulder to shoulder, almost no words, only in the East exposed gray dawn, they only speak together. In the course of conversation between them with sufficient communication and understanding.

“Baya it?”

Glynne’s heart suddenly jump, but she turned to face Draka chief before his face to calm her down.

“She did not shop in their own.”

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