she also understood the man to act according

Since young, he pointed to himself forced into the outer chamber of the Mother, learn to Ms. Mo shouted tart tone when she decided to hate this person.

Ming Wai and though he is born of a mother, but her heart really is the difference between heaven and earth.

Servants one after another came out to greet Wai Ming, makes me know that this orchid in a box after they raised their own, looked straight ahead and to go to the hospital.

Just not willing to shut themselves Houmo Ming into his mouth, “Ah yo, read the book to grow in the ocean for two years, no wonder the old man said, White will not spend money on you … …”

She frowns slightly, under the heart do not like this sentence.

Is that the dog bark to.

Today, the abnormal situation, so just know that somehow blue even more definitely into that sentence was not accidental – she was into the Hua Ting, saw his father is sitting Mo Classic Theme on tried to smile, to see her to be To servant gave her tea, mouth or not the general term: “distracted with doing, not to miss the tea!”

When she became Miss Mo Jiade really do? But the father said so well, she did not have cold face of reason, so put down the box came up a little cry: “Dad, known blue back.”

“You like Ming Wai are safe.” Classic chin Mo meat with some words could not help trembling, Portland could not help but want to know their father two years to studying fat and badly.

“The father called me and Wai Ming back, but what do you want?” Consider carefully the words she asked.

“Oh, no … … you two a girl to stay further apart, and they want to call back to see you two, who married the future, want to see are faceless slightly.” Mok master chuckled, seemingly relaxed chat, Portland is known from a little catch.

“Dad, Who married?” She smiled and asked, some hearts are inexplicable cold.

Seems to have imagined that she would be such a problem, Mo master Yi Zheng, suddenly, after a moment a long sigh, “blue ah know, you hit the child on the smart little … … father is not really willing to put your married ah. “

She put that teacup hand unconsciously shaking a little, pour out a little tea, hot red skin hands.

One time she actually can not feel that hot, but I always think of one thing –

Sure enough, a curse not noodles.

Mok Ka speaking rows in Jinping County has counted on the number of well-off, and Mo is doing business for many years master timber business, though some chaos in the current situation, but this little place down on the Jinping County do not have much impact Mok Ka business is very good, also eaten in the vicinity a few years ago I heard some small businesses.

But for Mo lords of the business and money, always too was not enough.

Blue has always been know to know their father though not of heartless but also by going far – she is the best proof of one’s mother when their girl to be the word of the early set of the match, but that he did outside the room and forced the , wife of many years of oppression by the ward, young, light and grievances as early in the illness had died. These years, there are also many disliked her suffer … …

So, after the initial surprise, she also understood the man to act according to Davis, it is very likely that the Soviet Union agreed to the conditions at home –

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