she would not want that somehow into what

Death Nizi mouth! She should go back to almost pinch Wai Ming’s face, then just listen to Ye Wai Yan laughed, a Le reins, bay suddenly stopped, the distance between cars and horses were suddenly pulled far.

She watched the figure leaves gradually away from the pregnant words, and finally he turned around, Zong Ma went back to Kaesong.

“Sister, Who is that? When did you recognize it?” She put down the curtain on the viscosity of the post-Ming Wai up to her confession, her little finger stretched out young girl’s forehead, “You’re so many benefactors Why not imagine that he is the benefactor of. “

“Oh, they are not Badaoxiangzhu, is a hero to the rescue.” Ming Wai also active against some of her time, knows her blue see and smile, and said by her to go.

Just listen to children outside Juba Shi was a long drive gave the call, then whip a loud note, the car felt a cart sisters up faster, too bumpy harder.

“Uncle, Shashi Hou able to Jinping County?” Blue lift the curtain to know Che Bashi asked loudly.

“See the traffic at the latest the day after tomorrow morning, also, the girl you worry.”

Voice hardly ever, Che Bashi is a mind mercilessly whip, pull carts black horse suddenly eating pain, leaving aside all feet flying forward with the way the cloud of dust.

After all, people often walk on the road seasoned, Che Bashi said, can come to the morning after, also really into it – know this car Landau forget him some money as compensation for the delay is that a few days.

Just out of a rickshaw cart up shop there Mohr-McClune, known to the Ming Wai Lan first got to the car, on the other one himself, after hesitation, she told the driver: “Mo Courtyard.”

In fact, she had other places to go, but after all, live in the courtyard of his Qindie, back, always go Alright.

Brick wall soon rickshaw on the compound outside stopped, Ming Wai Shalian first put aside the car, the door is sweeping the Banbai directed at the old man shouted: “Wu Bo.”

“Oh, Missy came back.” Surprised and delighted the elderly looked back, quickly washed the door of a call, followed by scrambling on the ground before the suitcase for the Ming Wai, can then he saw another car coming down the blue could not help but surprised a moment to know and, after a while it was whispered softly: “Knowledge lan.”

Wrote up her sister Wai Ming is the younger sister, can only Ming Wai is the family of the young lady, and her name … … in addition to Mo, she has with this compound, what relationship?

Lan know this thought, mouth Qin Zhao smile.

“What is not Miss Miss, I do not know where to come outside can be considered wild girl, Miss, elder Wu you that do not break her blessing it?” Behind – some Cuga voice, spoke of unpleasant words.

She froze for a time, it touches on the first stand most of the Ming Wai, “What’re you talking about Big Brother!”

Momin into a gray silk robes, cage hand raised a son, squinting, frowning looked at the young girl, “say, the truth!” He went around to know that blue before, the “how, not to speak, put Sven Na? “

Him that the smell of smoked blue step back, she knew that the taste – is opium.

It seems that the so-called half-brother have another bad habit.

“I am a gentleman greeting to the Mo, Mo young master not even think about more.” Draw the line with the unfamiliar term, has been, she would not want that somehow into what the person involved –

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