Suren also belongs to this connection as part

“Dellacqua will be the focus, but her hands do not,” Glynne argued, “I will hide in her own shadow. And with her I would play a protective role.”

“Is a protective effect, but if you start with when Dellacqua, who can protect you?” Suren finger scratched his hair, “It seems that you have made up their mind. Well, Gelin Na , in the palace, do you have to do, as soon as possible back to me. also bring your sister. to before we meet again, you may have to take good care of yourself and a small male child. “He held out his hand, cage to live gently on the head Quoll that petite. Drowsiness to call out a small male child up, the air filled with the smell of cloves and sandalwood. Suren turned away.

Watched him leave, Glynne was thinking what he says, “even if no map, no direction, we can find each other.” These words what is true or false? However, if she succeeded in finding Ling Yuen priest, returned to his world, then and Suren connection will be useless? This is not her main reason for telling the truth to the Suren. The more intimate between them, whether the exchange between words or physical contact, only for the final were increasingly suffering.

Ferret also issued a burst pouch elegant lemon flavor. Baya fragrance from the things not mentioned, Glynne mind wonder pouch Ferret is not like a child, the latter expressed in a language only until they rattle, it is not a small bag of ferret smell the giggle sound? Perhaps it is ripe, the flavor will disappear, it will use the vivid images of vision and perception, and telepathy to express themselves. After all, the small male child was born, but only a few hours. Can not see the thought and Suren, and Glynne’s heart felt a pain, feeling the small things soft and smooth head, but was more comfortable.

Aside from the other side, the connection between her and the pouch Ferret is the most magic she can get genetic information coding. Through this method, she learned while she and the small male child Xianzai torso can not be separated too far, or Liangbian have been hit by a painful torture, Dan Shi Yue Shu on this Juli will gradually relax, Ke Yi share further, Zhi Dao small male child’s own maturity.

This source of information for her fairly detailed understanding of her connection and small male child and its mother and Baya connection between the kind of deformity is not the same. Glynne has not had and female Quoll connection damaged because female Quoll suffering from its connection with the Baya learned. It was later changed Glynne, she was born in the small bag of ferret had when connected, and only enhances the tendency of some major recessive genes. And pouch Ferret connection some side effects, but the benefits are many. Her eyesight and hearing have improved, the sense of smell too. But the most important thing is to Gleen filled her mind between the terrible emptiness, relieved from time to time she had been tortured.

Baya has a collection of scrolls is in this sense, God created man after the song began in the recession, so people who from the outset, the existence of emptiness, they must fill a space. Gleen song created not the Creator, but if the purpose of life is filled with emptiness, and striving for perfection, then, she left this goal is very near. Seems to be her soul arrow in this world have found their own purposes, there is a connection in and Quoll were present in and Ah Kang Ha Fei Suren feelings among team members. Suren also belongs to this connection as part of the middle. This is a very clear thing, even if they never met between, that is ancient remains unchanged.

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