the dark room before the lights a few

Woven scarf you want to receive.

Laugh. She disdains that so did not pursue? I thought you would want me to send you a pink pigeon eggs.

Diamond is a woman’s loving it! He leans over her, laughing to say, I’m ready for your gift! If you do not send me gifts, I decided not to send you a gift!

Do not care. Her white at him, thought to myself, the gifts to the forest Kaoru silent? Woven scarf it? She would not have it, learn it should be difficult.

I have also gone to prepare for summer gift. He deliberately did not say, sell off children, and other factors of small warm guess.

Not that treadmill? She said.

How do you know? He did amazing.

I see your online order information, your computer open.

How this gift? She was very lack of exercise. Really worried about her. Su promised voice lower.

Then we have to charge her health. I want to take her hiking and swimming, you have to take her running and climbing. Also, Games items must let her report.

Little warm, you will not die? Rather abruptly, emitting a Soviet promise. Prime little warm startled a little, she knew he was worried about her, that her child’s illness frightened him.

Will die of it … … people do not had to die? She said, coughing a bit.

Can you let me die? I think if you die first, I will be very lonely, and no stay by me playing games. He said.

There are summer stream to accompany you!

I hope you die first than have gone to summer! He seriously said that if the stream of summer before you do die, you will cry tough battle.

You should die before me, I would cry.

But I wanted to die before you do, I do not want to give you grave, think about all kind of bleak.

They talk too deep, move down in front of the driver Wen Shushu as a glance at the mirror, and then laughed, a very young age, thinking?

Su is also a small warm smile, yes, how far away from her death! Estimated five or six years after the incident, and she died first, or do not die before the Soviet Union promised to them the final say. In fact, heart, or selfish to want her to die than their first, because the Soviet Union promised that to the grave is a very sad thing. She does not want that desolate, desolate places she would rather they miss her.


The next day go the hospital, even in summer stream into the ICU room.

Su Su promised little warm all shocked, how do not understand why. They went into her room and saw her bed empty, she thought the hospital, how she did not want them to say.

They brought her game with a lot of snacks and books, I hope she is not so boring when hospitalized. But they went to her house, only her grandfather. They knew she was not discharged, but more serious condition.

Along the way, factors of small and warm, hard to console myself, but that is cold. Then serious and will not seriously where to go. The Soviet Union had promised to be more than the fault panic, straining to urge Wenshu Shu, faster, faster.

He was gripped with fear of death, so he wanted a small warm more than prime, and I think more bad.

Su promised to whether you can not be so nervous? She’ll be fine! Also like consoling themselves, complain that Prime little warm.

Little warm, you know ICU room is?

What? Summer is just that the summer just gone to Grandpa’s condition worsened to the ICU room. In her view it is better ward care, as is the observation room of the class.

ICU is intensive care unit … … there is a danger of being live! Su promised some voice trembling slightly,. Yesterday, he knew he should not talk about death and the prime topic of small warm, which made him feel a strange foreboding. But he could not help but want to remind her about the fear her into the ICU room at the time, it would be difficult to accept. Medical equipment that will just scare her.

Sure enough. He finished just a “danger,” her eyes with tears on the impound, hastily said, must not alarmist talk!

He no longer speak.

Replaced by a tearful way she began urging, Wen Shushu, faster.

Do not worry, she’ll be fine. Wen Shushu also know that they are the three best friends, see them panic into a ball, comfort them, I have relatives also lived in ICU, both under three in critical condition, was later rescued over.

Prime little warm to hear “critical condition notice” is tense. Su promise held out his hand, clasped her hand, be fine. He said.

Prime little warm upstairs when the foot is felt weak sense, running like a subconscious action, the ear is a pat of footsteps, she has been afraid of feeling the first time.

She also had a lot of fear, fear of the dark room before the lights a few seconds, afraid of riding a roller coaster, fear does not like to eat the food, fear of the aircraft, when late rains afraid to go hiking, but also afraid of my father to check her bag, because it stood comic books snacks and PSP … … but now the fear and the fear is completely different from before, is the kind of thorough cold, depressed and helpless feeling, her mind, much to the collision to collision fragment.

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