the public can not help but be moved ginkgo

Shouted the angry female ginkgo tree up: “You nervous ah! Is he chasing me, I ignored him, OK?”

Public ginkgo tree retorted: “You are too old, if you do not ogle him, his young age, except lard s heart, how else would go to seduce you!”

Female ginkgo tree trembling with anger: “This is hundreds of years, you’re always so wantonly against insult me … … although I am older now, but the charm still exist, not as you put it so unbearable … …” spoke said, ginkgo trees are wronged mother played an amber tears flowing.

Hanhan rush, while over hug the tree, while over hug the tree, running back and forth several times, anxious shouted: “Knock it off! You listen to me!”

Somewhat taken aback, the two trees, together look to her. I saw she looked up at the two fine old trees, sincerely authentic: “two significant, the two of you together, have experienced several hundred years of wind and rain, about to go to heaven immortal, do not they should for such a little break up a small misunderstanding? “She looked at the public ginkgo tree one charred tree trunk:” Your honor, you see this piece of scars on your body, be sure to know when to be Thunder hack it? then get over it certainly is not easy, right? “

Public ginkgo tree was silent child, then said: “yes ah. When she thought that I can not live, and cried with me with the total death, but now … …” He shook his crown, and sighed.

Female ginkgo trees are lost in thought: “Well, say then, he’s fine for me. Guangxu drought, he obstinately refrained does not absorb water underground, the water you let me drink a result, almost no themselves die of thirst … … “

What a touching love ah once, why do today may become so like?

Tree like this, the people He Yikan? Hanhan at the bottom of my heart, can not help whom Tan Wan.

Just then, the forest there was a familiar figure. Hanhan see him, immediately rushed forward, excited: “The adult cat, you are finally back!” Chuan Chuan nodded to her: “Well done good.” Paced up and down and then came and stood under a tree and meditating moment, I suddenly began to recite a poem from the past:

“Roots firmly in the ground,

Leaves touched the clouds.

Every gust of wind,

We greet each other

But no one

Understand our language.

We share the cold, storms, thunder,

We share the mist, stream Lan, rainbow,

If ever separated

But life-long dependency,

This is great love,

The loyalty is here … … “

Who favor a poem, the public can not help but be moved ginkgo tree: “Cat adults, it is?”

Chuan Chuan awe: “This is your wife yesterday refused to locust adults, the poem for you. Do you think she is the love of the contents of private delivery.” Female ginkgo tree seems very confused and was about to speak, but is a record that he secretly kick the cat foot, so they Bulkhead silent,.

Ginkgo tree has moved to another public shame: “The wife … … I blame smb. Wrongly you … … sorry … …” He gently swaying branches of trees, apologized to his wife.

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