thoughts would involuntarily through my body

So, before the pain is bundle was proud of my achievements.

I never expected to think, that was once considered extremely unlucky day I would like my rings imprint

Clear imprint of this profound, as I can recall some good memories. Perhaps the growth is such a process. The more special the more difficult to forget, even if some pain, which is full of the golden age of golden sun will shed a lot a lot of sunlight, the pain shone bright translucent.

Perhaps the child’s world is full of petty grievances, you can order a candy or a piece of strawberry cake with cream fights bitterly and even blows. This was commonplace thing, but to me it is very negative. She beats me, but I looked at her helplessly delicious exclusive only advantage is much better than I her sub, I can not win her. Thus, because the height disadvantage, I looked at her a proud look and mouth to satisfy the taste a lot of saliva flow. I was always secretly told Sky that I quickly grow taller it, I want to look better than her! However, this dream seems so unrealistic, has failed to achieve. At that time I saw her look so proud and feel really wronged, I will often tell Grandma crying, the grandmother was sister stood side, let me irrefutable reason is two years old when his sister lost in the mother She must be more love.

Oh, she must be more love.

But then I know I lost a lot of flavor.

However, tolerance to the child’s world is always very easy to forget the war. Like colored translucent glass, some light will be hard to stop even a little bit are not allowed through, and some light can be smooth. Is such that some can not allow a little time allowed, sometimes like a vast blue sky tolerance.

For example, we will be divided into eating a piece of chocolate or a can of Wang Zi milk.

Undoubtedly, this is beautiful thing.

Good thing as the afternoon sun delicious cheese, sweet but not tired.

Those in the shade of the trees and the mud is always a small clay figures of the day people remember a long time, the sun is always extremely comfortable projecting through the dense foliage around a circular points of light around us, to quietly accompany such a way us, for our non-word written numerous journal. Light and Shadow and forth in our heads, shiny time goes by so slowly that in our crevices. At that time, all this may not matter.

With a face of innocence until the smiles patting hands dirty to tell each other, I finished. Looked at the results of clenched mess, then that is a look of triumph like, totally ignored the do not know when to face fully clothed Tu

Service on the mud. Those days, there is always the memory of many colorful butterfly embellishment. Until then listen to the “Ni Wawa” in songs, thoughts would involuntarily through my body, through the city

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