to be a year I can buy a secondary car

I can only regret with Xiao Peng said: “Very unfortunately, busy, can not pick you.”

He understood: “You are, I hope to see you at night.”

I promise down, then the fastest out of the two drafts, just stopped writing, the secretary told me, Miss, president summoned emergency.

His office decoration simple but elegant without losing fine, large windows overlooking the snow half the city. He was sitting at a large desk behind the boss exaggerated, carefully examined every detail of the draft, sometimes twisted eyebrow think sometimes nodding vigorously.

He is a serious man of action, is the wisdom of the elite, but also suave man, he is not tall and mighty, but will not help to see his point of view to look up at him as if he is entrenched in the high altitude of the eagle, the blue sky all his subjects under. He has always been modest praise his employees, he only encourage them. If you have done to his satisfaction, he will praise and said: “is so maintained.” If you do poorly, he will remind you: “I think you can do better.” When you need order things from scratch to prove he did not makes mistakes. And his men must not do something stupid staff, he allowed this to happen.

Now judging by his expression, he told me with a calm voice, I have to do better.

Sure. But I did not realize he went on to say: “the other sent to do business partner is a native of Greece, you need to replace the secretary to attend tonight.”

“I?” I questioned my ears.

“Yes, your English 8 will have its uses, I think you have this capability.”

This was his highly of, I feel the glory of the equipment?

“But, I never work overtime.” I am righteous, let alone have a previous engagement.

“Oh?” Pick his thick eyebrows on both hands stay on the desk, obviously very interested in my answer, “You can get a good opportunity.” Backlighting, I can feel him under the unique look of deterrence.

“I also hope that the yuan.”

He laughed: “I think the RMB to buy half a minute not a person never work overtime. You will get is a chance to visit Greece, tolerance and I believe it more attractive.”

Wow, tolerance inspection, location is the beautiful Greek, who can resist the temptation of the Aegean Sea?

“But … …” and Xiaopeng dating how to do? He originally came to me.

“In my company does not, however.” He resumed serious, “You ready to go again.”

He is good at arbitrary rulers.

I do not want to lose their jobs, more opportunity to travel want tolerance, then called Xiaopeng changed about him tomorrow, bye, I heard that he lost to the extreme, but he still insists that it does not matter.

When I work out with the company behind the president, like to hear the Secretary of the resentment in her back secretly, while several colleagues received admiring glances and their polite greetings. The social reality of the extreme.

Before the car he looked me up and back from top to bottom, object to my flat shoes. He deadpanned: “Next time put on high heels, so too professional.”

I dared turn down big: “I not a professional secretary, not to mention high heels or flat shoes can not determine whether or not professional.” I Look at His face, still waves fixed unpredictable. Perhaps he does not agree with my views, but he did not do requests.

The dinner down, I almost collapsed. All the time in discussing about the details and the quality of olive oil, jargon everywhere, I had to keep pace with growth in many of their ideas knowledge. The president of professional level people to wonder if he is olive oil scientists. The final outcome of the negotiations, we shake hands to celebrate a happy co-operation, but because I can barely keep up with the whole night did not help him win more benefits, go back the way he still calmly warned me that he thinks I can do better.

I am crestfallen, Greece trip if there is no hope?

The next day at noon to see Xiaopeng, that he had joined the city’s most prestigious law firms, early stage of the payroll is twice as much as I am, if more touching into a sizeable, could see his work environment, treatment , all parties are satisfied with lots of smiles, happy lot. I sincerely as he pleased.

He said: “Blue Shen, to be a year I can buy a secondary car to pick you up from work.”

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