to put away their dishes deft to hide in the kitchen

To late Grandfather a bad thing, second child of the “Al” had the nerve I’m afraid this is also Zhaojiabuzhu. Known female Morrow father, late millet suddenly not deaf: the “married! Married! Not married and how it? Without coming to the Heart, you got me so I went to the road ah?”

“People treat you as a madman!” Anxious glancing her second child, the old lady was delighted heart.

“You are a working women, retired at home, do not continue the glorious traditions of your labor of love, all day worrying about why people get married are not married? How considerate diverted to do matchmaker, play heat ah?”

“Hey! You are my daughter, I always thinking always thinking about how it?”

“That you do not get married I fed up with people not to eat, and hang your daughter can not find are Zhuer.” This is the old trouble late millet, an anxious eye to the brain is not too good, his mouth began nonsense. Zhi Buding as now, an anxious on their own for others to clean up the.

“I remember how my eldest daughter had married early too! Children who will be carrying a puppy love. Oh! Co-grandaunt you this is the mantra you do it myself!” The old lady calmly squeeze on late millet.

Bowls Yishuai late millet, rice can not eat it!

Late millet Sutherland looked up and discovered that late Grandfather is to push lightly into his mouth, breathing with great shining white rice, her daughter was bullied on the pro-matter only if Mo Qiaojian, that does not generous attempts: “Dad! You do not intend the possession of your young married woman ah? together with your daughter I’m not your real daughter? you bullied by a young married woman from you ah! “

Late Grandfather was about to remind the poor of her second child to be fair, the old lady was late firepower to turn back a large White-eyed: “That’s what your mother bought for my young married woman is not? To offend anyone so bad, Everyone is not assembled. “

Late millet a too fast: “You bully a small husband and wife, ashamed ashamed ah?”

“We should be ashamed. This is called with the woman singing husband. Like being bullied, ah? Soon as you find one, ah! We will not bully you.”

Ate weights of the old lady is bent to squeeze on the late millet. In fact, the old lady in the heart of the wishful thinking of the name of their own. Myself into this BU, heartless creature, daughter have to wildly crowded right, she will think of early married, left home early, instead of his earlier personal pain she loved her. Clinics to save myself that Balaogutou to Modoribashi on Mengpo Tang drink when no one yet can not let go This pain unloved of late second child.

Late millet is not later than the piece of belly fat lady roundworm, her real mother know where that point touching myself mental activities? The ears of all is the late Mrs. squeeze a little acid on her sentence, word loss, a moment that stuck in the throats breath, choking.

“I went out to eliminate digestion!” Late millet Yishuai chopsticks, Niulian rushed out the door late at home.

Seeing with my late Grandfather Xin Tourou life and life is myself that razor Lee’s “original” young married woman squeeze on out the door, on the anger. The first time in his “original” young married woman before the eyes of his many years hiding Invisible Target: “how was your boss it will not be, and our house like it more on the right?”

“Less nonsense ah! My long past menopause, do you think this is the second spring celebrate it!”

“No more? More you catch who did not bite Who?” Late Father’s voice suddenly higher octave, frightened old lady a Jiling late.

This is first time in history, but no later than at home! Seeing that things were not going lady, whispered grumbling of a “dead old man” to put away their dishes deft to hide in the kitchen.

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