Together the two of them shaking their heads

Zhang Yuan Yuan, under the cab, through the kind with tall hibiscus tree on the sidewalk, walk in full of the flowers of rose and rose path, the thin legs pants set off her long legs, upper body is a little windbreaker, in the breeze fluttered back, she hands folded forward, like a charming little bag on her shoulder swings, a hair was fluttering in the wind back, looked at from various angles is a Meirenpeizai.

In the busy street actually have such a charming little garden, hidden at the bottom of the viaduct, immediately across the floor like a tree across a glass block outside noise immediately. Flower garden fountain, square, flower-, side by side, circuitous aspect, the most ironic of all, a row of small glass floor with large loft, which sat basking in the sun, looking at magazines, nest on the sofa lazy people children, from a distance, like some glass box of the Window on China. The restaurant is also the outdoor bar, just like the inside of the wooden table, cutting down tropical rain forests to the timber, where there are bar owners from around the collection of photos, skins, drums, books.

I sat by the window at the table reading a JD Salinger’s “Nine Stories”, which is referred to a man named “Teddy” the child prodigy, I am lost in admiration, a hand book, a hand clamped smoke from time to time throughput 2 like a magician.

Zhang brought round a small burst of high heels to the sound of small Scattered in front of me I did not Zhengyan Kan her, she sat opposite me on the sofa, watching a Cheguo my book I did not talk long Black was embarrassed to send a waiter came over and then tableware.

“You can actually see me?” I said.

“Why do I not see you.”

“I thought I had it successfully hidden law practice.”

We all take the hint to laugh, meet again, I found her mature a lot, I still speaker, and she heard me hype, foggy. Restaurant just been married, we also stained the point festivity, after dinner, I took her to her living quarters, and then told her: “I first went to one of the guys that stayed down, and so will find you.”

She went upstairs and told me that she lived in 602.

I was downstairs, Liu Bin, he was on the phone asked me where I said Yihai Court. He said the district I live it, you wait and see, standing still. The most Coincidentally, after he drove over and told me he lived in 601.

This coincidence I was shocked, although the coastal city of Beijing to Shanghai is not as big, but there are millions of people, God arranged the two can be my childhood friend living in next door, which I think has a certain meaning.

“You two have never actually met the lift it?” They asked me.

“No.” They replied in unison.

“You both call home dialect not heard?”

Together the two of them shaking their heads.

Liu Bin 601 living relatives of his house, it is a very large house with little furniture, only two beds, living room you can play football, balcony is very large and open, it is said you can see the sea , opposite the factory, like a frog call, but we discussed a long time to no avail.

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