wearing a dark gray down jacket riding a bicycle

Chapter III: on the road with you, the sun and the lilac


The next day she was silent again, and Lin Kaoru met in the corridor when he smiled. He tuned up startled, but still no response, hurried away.

Separated for a few days, a small heating elements to hear one thing, and finally understand why so disgusted with the tacit Lin Xun and friends of the girls. Lin Xun, and a girl who is silent is better, he thought it was only pure buddies and friends, do not know that girls like him because it would silence him to be his buddy. Fast three days of graduation when the girl finally could not help but tell her silent forest smoked like him, he was overawed, but that does no do not know how to deal with, but said that even friends so that we do not go.

He did not want to be friends with her actually angry words, would have preferred her to calm down, the result girls jumped down from the 20 floor, when he arrived, only to to a pool of blood on the ground, then striking awakened so hideous and cruel. Girls are directly sent to the funeral, but he did not dare to attend her funeral. In his mind, he killed her. If he does not like her friends did not give her much hope, or inadvertently misunderstood what he did to her, so she is deep down, he said that even friends do not become, on pushed her to the desperate go.

Since then, Lin Xun silent no longer and the girls say, is always cold and distant, he wrapped himself up. Prime little warm in the entrance examination day finally understand why his reaction was almost as intense, not just for her, there are all the girls. His heart had Yinji, so deal with them so paranoid and straightforward. He is warning them not to think of him, he would not love anyone, because he already had like.

Is the photo that pretty girl bar.

In any case, the element of small and warm, immediately after knowing the reason to forgive him.

Summer stream, said he is for this reason the original was so weird. But not everyone would commit suicide … … Is every one and his friends of the girls will love her?

May be it. Prime little warm thought for a moment to answer, I’ll bet most of the girls in school are in love with him.

Laugh! Leng Heng Su promised soon as, you should say most of the girls are in school crush on me. However, if factors of small warm day you find love on me, but I refuse you, you should never wants to open spots.

Fuck! Su command heavily over the past little warm punch, in my eyes, never treat you as men!

Su small warm, you can not ignore my gender, whatever the outcome, there are a lot of girls like me … …

Like you? You do not offer your unrequited love it! He was a little warm white pigment.

You two to stop bickering. Su small warm, how you going to do? Mo and Lin Xun to friends?

But he has a girlfriend. Su promised inserted words.

Su Shen little warm face a moment, she already knew, but why always have to remind her?

You have nothing … … Susu beautiful than her! Summer stream of comfort Road.

You this is what pushed her to the fire pit! Su promised supine on the floor, hands crossed on the back of the head. Su also lay down on his small warm next to a moment that, in fact, I think she prettier than me.

Listen to her tone some sadness, the Soviet Union promised murmured, in fact you are good … … with her more than, not too far away!

Su promised! In the end you are praising me or hurt me! Prime little warm dissatisfaction shouting.

Sit to one side of summer stream and decided to ignore both of them.

However, Su Lin small warm Kaoru’s relationship, or silent, as each time she see him, will take the initiative to talk to him, he answered, with the most simple words, the most insipid tone.

Has gone by to the depths of winter, Jie Liangbian plane trees only bare branches, startle the sky, looked bleak desolation. Riding a bicycle when the hand has been feeling numb with cold, wind gurgle into poured from the collar, very tough in the cold. Xiasu how she does not allow re-cycling to school, sent a car shuttle, prime little warm that you can pick up a little ahead of the summer stream, but her dislike its strong trouble, not as their own on the bus.

Only a few days later, the summer will be a cold stream. First sore throat, cough, and later started a fever, she insisted on the days class is barely holding on only to the hospital. Prime little warm just really do not understand why the cold also need to be hospitalized? Her body is very good, year, almost never sick, and sometimes a little cold symptoms, regardless of its own just fine.

She and the Soviet Union promised to visit every summer and began coming to the hospital, her work has brought with her to chat. Her spirit is poor, pale, coughing.

You do not come, can be infectious. She pulls out a mask to wear, while she coughs. Prime little warm quickly in the past shot her back, side of the cup feed her water.

I think Hello, I have to run every day together with you, you’re missing too much exercise. Su promised that concern.

Nothing a few days just fine. Summer stream smiled weakly.

Better hurry up. Prime concern, looking at a small warm friends, and she really would like to share some for her, or simply let her get over your cold.

They accompanied her for a moment, then said, wait until the day when it left the misty black. Summer stream said she disliked the hospital, and every time to the hospital that just Zhu Liangtian can go home, but to drag on for many days.

Drivers to pick them up at the hospital door. Su promised that the game tomorrow, remember to bring over, she must be very bored in the hospital.

On the road when the prime was surprised to see a forest of small warm smoked silent, wearing a dark gray down jacket riding a bicycle, she came chasing his shadow, until the car driving off piece of road.

Her heart, and some vaguely lost.

To be for Christmas, what gift would you give me? Su promised to suddenly asked. Turned to a small heating element, you want to receive what?

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