WOW Cataclysm Beta Patch

Looks like someone is burning the late-night oil over at Blizzard… a new beta patch (build 13277) is being prepped for a server update in the near future!

Update: We made a few tweaks to the spell diffs after identifying an issue with how we were determining changes in class spells. The current list should be more accurate.
 Talent Calculator (Beta) | Latest Additions (Beta)
We’ll be updating this post with more information as we distill it from the batch of data, so stay tuned!
The correction made by Red Shirt Guy made it into Overthrow the Council (Compare tooltips), and Blizzard also stealthily added what originally looked like an innocuous item: Red

Shirt! Relatedly, the auto-tune remix is kind of catchy.
Insane in the Membrane is a little less… insane: Compare tooltips.
The Archaeology-sourced Crawling Claw pet now Binds to Account.
Pet food items such as Sporeling Snack and Kibler’s Bits now instantly raise pet happiness rather than providing them a stat buff.
Requirements for many collective guild achievements have been lowered (such as Kill Squad, The Daily Grind.
Druid: Efflorescence’s healing effectiveness will now diminish for each player beyond 6.
Paladin: Divine Storm no longer consumes Holy Power to increase damage dealt.
Priest: Divine Aegis now procs from all healing done by Prayer of Healing.

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