You are really not the same with another

Zhuo heart eyes shining, children said: “Well well, you go faster, I could not sleep, you do not control me.”

Te Nisa yawn acquiescence.

Do not know how many years away, little girl’s eyes suddenly appeared a magnificent sea, pretty fly walking on the sea Poseidon, behind the golden light spread, just like a golden god flying above the surface of the sea.

In his appearance opposite was ferocious unusual man, riding a yak-like monster, black hair flying in the wind, blood red eyes, red blood issued a Road light, wearing a black robe witchcraft , the hands have a magic stick, but it is crystal clear, shining silver light.

Poseidon’s trident hand fling to the sky, suddenly Rays towering, dark blue water seems to be boiled in general, setting off a boundless expanse of waves.

Zhuo heart child except that the boundless expanse of rough from, flooding is not the wizard, but her own … … … …

Little girl scared scream, suddenly woke up, only a dream only.

Zhuo heart pat chest child to sit up, had just a dream or really scary, is simply overwhelming. Huh? How his face wet? Mama face the water, little girl look around, you see the rice came from the outside, smiled and said: “yo, you up ah?”

Little girl with his eyes screwed the brow, staring at the rice to see, see rice face of uncomfortable.

Rice smiled and said: “Eh-hem, cough … … that I had just arrived, Hey, how you face all that water?”

Zhuo heart of a child waving, the edge of the bed went for crackling, loud and said: “Well, you install it! You continue to give me a harsh loaded!”

“This … … that … …”

“Why do you pour the tea in my face? That!”

“Oops, heart Son, that … … what happened like this … … I brought drops of tea go to your bed and you wake up do not see a result … … you look really hideous dream, I did not hold back, spraying saliva on an in your face, and that … … that … … I did not mean to … … “

Rice said, 45 degrees at the sky, have sent forth the tears of the sad face.

“You say I hideous! I see you want to live!”

Little girl would not wait while the side edge of the bed turned into a roaring two, thought must be the reason for his nightmares, so that led to their tragic scene of horror sounded distorted face.

Rice is very good grace to shut up, and stood aside, his eyes glanced east look west, and Cho stormed children after heart and said: “Do not look west to see the East problem, I point here worth a little something into your long pocket! “

“Hey Hey … … I am just looking at it, but not the idea of playing for your baby.”

“Well, the last slave children to send my precious pearl, you dare not you take it?”

Zhuo heart children went on, remembering the way those precious pearl, alas, to see that this is really dazzling and extraordinary items, but did not put two days into the pockets of the rice. Sad ah, but for owes him, she is absolutely to win back, is hard for Te Nisa’s life, it must get it back.

Is cleaning the side of Te Nisa heart was suddenly feeling a needle, like life and life in pain, then click on, and she rubbed his chest, underground passage, Do they see a god of plague, and that too quickly to be a villain to take sole beating wildly.

Rice immediately smile apologetically and said: “Those gadgets to your character is certainly not, and since not, then the idle is idle, not as good as gave me to play, so I had enough of it wants you back again. “

Zhuo heart wildly Pie Piezui children, said: “You had enough of? Well, fear is that we return to the twenty-first century, you no had enough!”

Rice hastens to explain, said: “No, no, wait until the twenty-first century, I am sure had enough, while they also entered the jewelry store of the … …”

“Strongly despise!”

At this time, Te Nisa ran said: “Lady, His Highness is coming.”

“Your Highness? Terry with here?”

Zhuo heart children quickly jumped up from bed, exclaimed: “Today a war, and have to hurry out! Otherwise miss the good play on the deficit is dead, quickly quickly, help me wash up the next.”

Te Nisa called the water quickly, to help heart children Zhuo toilet, then, Terry has come up with a smile, looking at a group are busy doing Zhuo heart children, said: “to see that you did not sleep last night good sense. “

Zhuo heart children will face casual rag, and then bundle up a pig-tails and took Te Nisa handing me clothes set in the body, and went out.

Triton shook his head: “You are really not the same with another woman.”

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