You said to you before he went to Beijing

Come is a macho girl, looks actually with bell son Yong resemble tall, than ordinary women more for, if put on men, just like bell child Yong’s twin brother, only a surface if submerged, a face like sunrise.

This girl is the other day on the clock sub-Yong Chung Ming Chu Wan Yangcheng actively look for – di-tert-Town, he was proud of the young daughter of General Bell. She is just 18 years old, the presence of border with the father and brother, because his mother died young, being pet into tomboy, now general concern Zhenxi daughter to marry before they give the throne to return to Beijing, bring back the clock sub-Yong, to be far Hou couples tuning, it was too late.

“You just ask who?” Chung Yung looking sub sank.

Chung Ming Yuen busy a grin: “The Shen-yu cousin good, good brother.” Sub-Yong Chung-bedroom home in minutes ranked second third son, Chung Ming Yuen has always called him brother, for two of her brother she had no such fear.

Shen Yu Pan sighed: “You start with a heavy, Shen Yu cousin how good them.”

Chung Ming Yuen a look at his forehead, laughed: “Shen Yu cousin, you are not the abduction of the Which small daughter, her husband grabbed by someone playing the ah.”

“Cousin, you are not running away from home, quilt Yong caught hit bottom, but also off the confinement ah.”

“Who was he caught? I obviously own back!” But she is being beaten, and certainly within one month would not let her out the door far Hou Fu.

Pan Shen Yu Shen Xiao: “really is the heroine.”

“That was, of course.” Poon Chung Ming Yuen-Shen Yu has the shoulders of a palm shoot, photograph in his two-Huang Huang, “Shen Yu cousin, your body bones are too weak it might as well worship me as a teacher, a good practice Tips, later husband, not afraid of a fight with the others. “

“Not a man to play the … …” Steven Shen Yu entered the room after the half, then swallow, if he is to be a woman labeled as such, would not be more humiliating? “Eh-hem, you know what? Light rail vehicles with the wind, the Flying Mist stream smoke. Now a man weak enough to have a woman like this are like sub-Yong Wutaisancu on nobody wanted it.”

“Winds run? Men become so weak how can your head swollen up?” Chung Ming Yuen asked again.

“Said the man is not playing!” Pan Shen Yu outburst he felt a regret, not a clock house junior is good at.

Chung Ming Yuen proudly laugh away.

Pan back on the clock sub-Shen Yu Yong sighed: “Well, son Yong, beauty really is ancient Nan Xiao Yan, ah, Ming Yuen talent to endure what this beauty can afford ah?”

Son Yong Zhong sighed the mother is also expected to pro-Chung Pan, adding the two parents, but it seems really unaffordable Pan Shen Yu was.

Cheng-yao tan and beween are inn to eat, just that a while tossing to Cheng-yao, Mother spent a lot of effort, is now hungry.

Beween seems little appetite, anxious, said: “You lied to me six sisters, said that it came to your sweetheart, but the original is the son to see the flower.”

“This is how I was deceiving you?” Cheng-yao, Mother picked up a trotter, make intoxicated appearance, seems to be blossoming son’s hand and pulling the general, “this is my son flower lovers dream.”

“You said to you before he went to Beijing exam, gaining fame?”

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